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Peanut Butter Minis
Barb Rathburn
Wiener dog love

These treats are absolutely amazing. I have a miniature dachshund that enjoys them so much that he will go to the cabinet where his food and treats are kept and smack the cabinet when he wants a treat. They are made from simple ingredients which makes them my first choice. I have them auto shipped so that I do not run out because Sarge would not be very happy if that happened lol. Thank you for producing such wonderful products!!!

Peanut Butter Bacon Biscuits

My dog Lucky absolutely loves these. He sits and stares at the cabinet they are in all the time wanting more. They are high quality and fresh. Definitely recommend them!

Dog Treats

I buy from Joeys famous dog treats. I don’t own a dog but I like to have treats for the dogs that visit me . ❤️

Candy Cane Christmas Box
Sharon Kleczynski
Candy cane treats

My dogs loved these treats! The only problem was that some were broken and crumbled. I think if the packaging was smaller they would have been fine.

Candy Cane Christmas Box
Rebecca Blevins

Awesome, my dogs loved them!

Sweet Potato Biscuits
Maryann Brahl
Sweet Potato Biscuits

Huge hit with my grand puppies!

Snowman Christmas Box
Sharon Kleczynski

Dogsloved the treats. The packaging was terrible and some of the treats were broken and smashed. Maybe a smaller box.

Fully Iced Dog Treats-
Karen Swinford
Doggie treats

I buy from Joeys famous dog treats. I don’t own a dog but I like to have treats for the dogs that visit me . ❤️

Dachshund approved

First off, you can tell that these biscuits are definitely homemade. Secondly, my wiener dog LOVES them so much that he will now attempt to open HIS cabinet in the kitchen to help himself. Will absolutely be purchasing these again. Thank you so very much for the quality of product that you produce!!! Sarge thanks you as well.

Christmas Tree Christmas box
Toni Seeburger
Joey’s Christmas Cookies

My girl’s Keiko and Chloe Rose absolutely love the cookies, and they are boxed so cute! I highly recommend them to others!😊🐾


I ordered the frosted treat bones that came all broken. Was told they would be replaced. It’s been over 2 weeks. Not the same experience I had the first time.

Halloween Box
Dee Speece

Izzy loves them! Gave two boxes as gifts to neighbor dogs!

Birthday Box
Meckenzie Bauer Myers
Birthday Box

My dog loved it! Every morning when she comes inside she was patiently waiting with a waggin tail for a treat from her birthday box. My pup approves!

peanut butter bacon treats

Hi Joey
My pups loved them as always even my cats enjoy them
I have even tried them and they are very good
I shared a bag with my daughter for her 4 pups
they all enjoyed very much
Keep up the awsome work !!!!!!
Linda ([****])
Bingo and Tia and cats

Great treats!

Our labradoodle LOVES these treats! We will be purchasing again!

Our dogs loved them!


I have 2 dogs (lab & small mix) that love their treats form Joey's. They recognize the bag so I have to keep them hidden or they will stand and stare at them on the counter mouths dripping (did I mention lab). Thanks for providing a dog treat I can trust to be safe for my babies.

My dog loved them!!

Peanut Butter Minis
courtney Popka
Doggies approve

These treats smell so good i could eat one lol. Not only is shipping so fast but my two pitties LOVE their new treats so much, i had to buy my parents doggies the same ones. I will forever be a regular customer!!

Presentation and quality

The presentation was fine it had string confetti inside which I really enjoyed but the main problem I had was I used a gift card but if I was paying 8.99 for a product that each dog treat was broken into to and only half of the dog treats were dipped in carob and the rest plain.

Yummy Snickerdodles

These biscuits smell just like human cookies my Remmington loves all flavors of Joey's treats!

Pumpkin biscuits

My Remmington loves these pumpkin biscuits... Actually he loves all of Joey's homemade treats!

Yogurt Buscuits

My dog liked them even though the yogurt was melted and stuck together and those torn up papers were all stuck to the bones we will probably try again

Great Product

Website is easy to navigate. I love all the fun animations and quick order process. Every dog loves these treats and I would know because I do dog care full time and every dog devoured the treats in 2 seconds and doesn’t effect the digestion. Love that! You should order them too your dogs will love them a lot!

They are great!