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About Joseph Evans and Joey's Famous Dog Treats

Hello, dog lovers! My name is Joseph Evans, a 15-year-old entrepreneur and dog enthusiast from Davenport, Iowa. Currently a freshman at Bettendorf High School, I'm the proud founder of Joey's Famous Dog Treats.

My journey started in 2018 when I noticed that commercial dog treats upset my dog Libby's stomach. Noticing her discomfort, I decided to take a closer look at the ingredients. I was shocked at the long list of ingredients, many of which were difficult to pronounce. I knew there had to be a better way to treat our furry friends. So, armed with a love for dogs and a passion for their well-being, I set out to make my own dog treats.

I began experimenting with simple, wholesome ingredients in my own kitchen. My goal was to create a treat that was not only delicious but also healthy for our four-legged companions. The result was a range of dog treats made from just five ingredients: Flour, Oats, Coconut Oil, Water, and whatever flavor makes up the treat.

The response from family and friends was overwhelmingly positive, and I soon found myself selling these homemade delights on Etsy. By October 2020, I had set up my own website, which has since generated over $10,000 in sales.

At Joey's Famous Dog Treats, our mission is to provide dogs everywhere with simple, healthy, and delicious treats. I take immense pride in knowing that each bite is not only enjoyable for dogs but also contributes to their overall health.

As for me, I'm a proud pet parent to a Cocker Spaniel named Stanley, who is nearly a year old. Seeing Stanley and other dogs enjoy my treats, knowing that they are made from ingredients that even humans can consume, is incredibly rewarding.

I want all pups to be healthy and have a reliable, delicious treat that they can enjoy. As Joey's Famous Dog Treats continues to grow, we stay committed to our core belief – simple, wholesome ingredients make for the best dog treats.

Thank you for supporting our journey. We look forward to treating your beloved dogs with our nutritious and tasty treats!

Grand Opening - First Dog Treats in 2020

Grand Opening Treats - Oct. 2020

Start of the Business 2018

Start of the Business - Mar. 2018

Our New Mascot - 2023

Our New Mascot - 2023

Joseph Evans - May 2023

Joseph Evans - May 2023

Most Popular Product - May 2023

Most Popular Product - May 2023